Clean Skin Club Clean Towels XL, 100% USDA Biobased Dermatologist Approved Face Towel, Disposable Clinically Tested Face Towelette, Makeup Remover Dry Wipes, Ultra Soft, 50 Ct, 1 Pack


It seems like you've shared information about a disposable facial towel. Here's a summary of the key points: 1. **Material:** - USDA Certified 100% Biobased fibers 2. **Certifications:** - USDA Certified 3. **Dermatologist Approved:** - Endorsed by dermatologists 4. **Hygiene Focus:** - Addresses the issue of bacterial growth on regular towels - Reduces the spread of viruses and dead skin cells 5. **Absorbency:** - Extra absorbent for drying face and hands - Effective f