Dell KB216 KB216d1 Multimedia USB Keyboard


Thank you for providing additional details about the keyboard. Here's a more detailed breakdown based on the specifications you provided:

  1. Device Type: Keyboard

    Description: The product is a keyboard, an essential input device for computers.
  2. Connectivity Technology: Wired

    Description: The keyboard is connected to a computer or device using a wired connection, typically through a USB cable.
  3. Interface: USB

    Description: The USB interface indicates that the keyboard connects to the computer via a USB port. USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a standard connection interface widely used in computing devices.
  4. Hot Keys Function:

    • Volume: Adjust the audio volume levels.
    • Mute: Quickly mute or unmute audio output.
    • Play/Pause: Control the playback of audio or video content.
    • Backward: Navigate to the previous track or chapter.
    • Forward: Navigate to the next track or chapter.
    • Description: These hotkeys provide convenient shortcuts for controlling audio playback without the need to use on-screen controls or additional peripherals.
  5. Keys Style: Chiclet

    Description: The keys on the keyboard have a chiclet style. Chiclet keys are characterized by their flat, slightly spaced-out design, providing a modern and often more comfortable typing experience. They are known for their low-profile and are generally quieter than traditional keyboard keys.

In summary, the keyboard is a wired USB device with a chiclet key style and features convenient hotkeys for audio control, making it suitable for users who prioritize ease of use and functionality for media playback.