EcoNour Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow | Enhanced 600D Oxford Fabric Windshield Frost Cover for Any Weather | Water, Heat & Sag-Proof Car Windshield Snow Cover | Standard (69 x 42 inches)


Here's a summary of the key features of EcoNour's Car Windshield Snow Cover: 1. **Comprehensive Protection:** - Ideal for protecting your windshield from various weather conditions, including snow piles, frosts, hails, blizzards, sleets, and snowstorms. 2. **Durable Construction:** - Made of tough 600D Oxford material combined with a soft PVC bottom layer for superior windshield protection. - Waterproof design ensures it stays dry even after prolonged exposure. 3. **All-Weather Coverage:** - Effective against sun heat, rain, autumn leaves, and cold winters. - Provides year-round protection without compromising performance. 4. **Sleek and Secure Design:** - Dual mount straps, PVC insulated bottom layer, and dual side flaps ensure a secure fit. - Resistant to slipping or being blown away, even in rough winds. 5. **Universal Compatibility:** - Measuring 69 inches in length and 42 inches in height, it covers front windshields from end to end. - Comes in two sizes to accommodate most cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks with ease. EcoNour's Car Windshield Snow Cover is designed to offer durable and effective protection against various weather conditions, providing a sleek and secure solution for your vehicle.