Johns Umbrella 545 Moon Silver 3F


It looks like you've described a 3-fold umbrella with specific features. Here's a summary:

  1. Foldable Design:

    The umbrella is designed with a 3-fold mechanism, making it compact and easy to carry.
  2. Rain and Sun Umbrella:

    This umbrella is suitable for both rainy and sunny weather, providing protection against rain and featuring UV protection for sunny days.
  3. Manual Opening:

    The umbrella has a manual opening system, meaning it is operated by hand rather than being automatic.
  4. UV Protection Canopy:

    The canopy of the umbrella is designed to provide UV protection, helping to shield users from harmful sun rays.
  5. Stainless Steel Tubes and Zinc Plated Ribs:

    The umbrella features construction with stainless steel tubes and zinc-plated ribs. This suggests a durable and corrosion-resistant structure, ensuring the longevity of the umbrella.

In summary, this umbrella is a versatile and practical accessory with a foldable design, suitable for protection against both rain and sun. The manual opening mechanism and the use of stainless steel and zinc-plated materials contribute to its functionality and durability.