ZEBRONICS Newly launched Transformer K1 Premium Gaming Keyboard with 104 Keys


The ZEB-Transformer K1 is described as a high-performing gaming keyboard with several notable features. Let's break down the key points:

  1. 104 Plastic Keys in Conventional Configuration:

    The keyboard features 104 plastic keys set up in a conventional layout, providing a standard configuration for users.
  2. Durable Design:

    The keyboard is designed to withstand one million keystrokes, ensuring durability and longevity.
  3. Laser Keycaps for Top Print:

    Each key is coated with laser keycaps, providing a top print that persists even after multiple taps. This feature enhances the longevity of key inscriptions.
  4. 12 Multimedia Keys:

    The keyboard integrates a total of 12 multimedia keys for managing audio, playback, volume, and other multimedia operations. This adds functionality for users who want quick access to multimedia controls.
  5. Windows Key Lock Function and All Keys Child-Lock Function:

    Both the Windows key lock function and the All Keys child-lock function can be individually enabled and disabled, providing users with control over specific key functions.
  6. Multicolored LED Lighting:

    The keyboard boasts a multicolored LED with two modes, each offering three carefully chosen color hues, and an OFF setting. Users can use a designated key to adjust the lighting settings.
  7. 1.7m Cable Length with USB Interface:

    The keyboard comes with a 1.7-meter PVC cable for connectivity, using a USB interface. This makes it compatible with laptops and PCs, providing a practical and versatile solution for gaming setups.

In summary, the ZEB-Transformer K1 gaming keyboard is designed for durability, convenience, and enhanced gaming experiences with features like laser keycaps, multimedia keys, customizable LED lighting, and versatile connectivity options.