Zebronics USB Keyboard with Rupee Key


The Zebronics USB Keyboard (K20) has specific features that make it suitable for various users. Here's a brief breakdown based on the information provided:

  1. Rupee Key:

    The inclusion of a Rupee key suggests that the keyboard is designed for users in regions where the Indian Rupee symbol is commonly used in typing and financial transactions.
  2. USB Interface:

    The keyboard connects to devices using a USB interface, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of computers, laptops, and other devices that support USB connectivity.
  3. Retractable Stand:

    The presence of a retractable stand indicates that the keyboard is designed with user comfort in mind. The stand allows users to adjust the typing angle for a more ergonomic experience.
  4. Model Name: K20:

    "K20" is the model name or identifier for this specific Zebronics USB Keyboard.

While the provided information is concise, it suggests that the Zebronics USB Keyboard (K20) is designed for convenience, compatibility, and user comfort, particularly with the inclusion of the Rupee key and the retractable stand. It would be suitable for users in India or those who frequently use the Rupee symbol in their work or communication.