Zemic The Original Portable Auto Travel Umbrella


It looks like you have a feature-rich compact travel umbrella with various functionalities. Here's a summary and some additional tips:

  1. Compact Design:

    • Weighing only 15 oz and folding down to 11.5" (29cm), the umbrella is easily portable, making it ideal for travel. It can be conveniently stored in a pocket, purse, or car.
  2. Windproof Design:

    • Engineered with a double vented canopy, the black umbrella is designed to resist inversion and withstand powerful gusts, providing reliable protection in adverse weather conditions.
  3. Heavy-Duty Construction:

    • The umbrella boasts 9 sturdy fiberglass ribs, offering exceptional durability and ensuring reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions.
  4. Water-Resistant Canopy:

    • Featuring a Teflon-coated canopy, the mini umbrella efficiently repels water, facilitating a quick dry experience. This feature minimizes the hassle of storage after use.
  5. Auto Open and Close Function:

    • The automatic open and close function adds convenience, allowing you to easily open and close the umbrella at the touch of a button. This feature eliminates the hassle associated with manual rain umbrellas.
  6. UV Protection:

    • The Teflon coating on the umbrella provides UV protection, shielding you from harmful rays during both sunny and overcast days. It's a versatile addition to your travel essentials, offering protection in various weather conditions.

Tips for Care and Maintenance:

  1. Cleaning: Wipe the canopy with a damp cloth to remove dirt. If needed, use a mild detergent. Ensure the umbrella is dry before folding.

  2. Storage: Store the umbrella in a cool, dry place. If stored while wet, make sure to open it and allow it to dry thoroughly to prevent mold or mildew.

  3. Wind Caution: While the umbrella is windproof, exercise caution in extremely strong winds. If possible, position the umbrella so that the wind hits the canopy rather than getting underneath.

  4. UV Protection Reminder: Although the umbrella provides UV protection, consider using additional sun protection measures like sunscreen, especially during prolonged sun exposure.

By following these tips, you can maximize the lifespan and performance of your compact travel umbrella and ensure it remains a reliable travel companion in various weather conditions.