AmazonBasics Wired Multimedia Keyboard with 107 Keys


The keyboard you described has several key features that make it a versatile and user-friendly option:

  1. Sturdy Build:

    The keyboard is highlighted for its superior build quality and sturdy design, ensuring durability and comfort during use.
  2. Compact Design - Full Size with 107 Keys and Number Pad:

    Despite being described as compact, the keyboard maintains a full-size design with 107 keys and includes a number pad. This provides a comprehensive and familiar layout.
  3. Silent Performance:

    The keys are designed to deliver superior silence while functioning, making it suitable for environments where a quiet operation is preferred.
  4. Plug and Play:

    The keyboard supports a plug-and-play setup, eliminating the need for additional drivers or software installation. Users can simply plug the keyboard, and it is ready for use, providing a convenient and hassle-free experience.
  5. Widely Compatible:

    The keyboard is compatible with various operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. This broad compatibility makes it suitable for a wide range of users with different computing setups.

In summary, the keyboard offers a combination of durability, full-size functionality, silent performance, plug-and-play convenience, and compatibility with multiple operating systems. These features make it a versatile choice for users who prioritize ease of use and compatibility across different platforms