ANYCHO Big Umbrella for Men, 3 Fold with Reflective Stripe Travel Umbrella for Rain


It looks like the ANYCHO umbrella has several features designed for durability, safety, and convenience. Here's a breakdown of the key points and additional tips:

  1. Satisfaction Promise:

    • A 6-month satisfaction promise is offered to every customer. If there are any quality issues or questions, customers are encouraged to contact the customer service support team.
  2. Strong Windproof Design:

    • The umbrella is made of 12 reinforced double-ribbed fiberglass materials, providing sturdiness and rust resistance. The slightly curved ribs are designed to withstand strong gusts without flipping inside out, even when folded 180°.
  3. Safety Reflective Strip:

    • The umbrella features a 360° high-light reflective edge for enhanced safety during low-light rainy conditions and dark nights. It helps alert drivers and enhances visibility while walking at night.
  4. Automatic Open & Close:

    • The umbrella has an automatic open and close function, allowing for quick operation with the push of a button. It's designed for easy one-handed use, making it convenient for getting in and out of cars or buildings.
  5. Waterproof and UV Protection:

    • The umbrella is made of 210T high-density pongee fabric with a black glue coating process. This provides strong water repellency, quick-drying capabilities, and SPF 50+ sun protection. It blocks 99% of UV rays and sunlight, offering protection in various weather conditions.

Tips for Care and Maintenance:

  1. Cleaning:

    • Wipe the umbrella with a damp cloth to remove dirt. For more thorough cleaning, use a mild detergent and water. Ensure the umbrella is fully dry before storing.
  2. Storage:

    • Store the umbrella in a cool, dry place when not in use. Avoid leaving it in damp conditions to prevent mold or mildew.
  3. Wind Usage Caution:

    • While the umbrella is designed to be windproof, exercise caution in extremely strong winds to prolong its lifespan.
  4. Reflective Strip Care:

    • Ensure the reflective strip is clean and visible for enhanced safety. If necessary, gently wipe it with a damp cloth.

By following these care tips, you can maximize the longevity and performance of your ANYCHO umbrella, ensuring it remains a reliable accessory in various weather conditions.